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Custom Athletic Mouthguards in Temple Terrace, FL

It’s important to take care of your smile by brushing and flossing regularly, but protecting your teeth from dental trauma can also save you a lot of time, money, and pain in the long run. Custom mouthguards are designed to fit comfortably and protect your teeth from the damaging effects of teeth grinding and sports injuries. If you’re interested in learning more about our custom mouthguard services, please contact our front office for more information!

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Our Custom Mouthguard Services

Henson Family Dental offers custom athletic mouthguards for patients who regularly participate in aggressive contact sports, and night guards for patients who grind their teeth at night.

  • Athletic Mouthguards are designed to protect the teeth from receiving any damage should the patient receive a blow to the mouth during a game or practice. We recommend athletic mouthguards to patients who play sports like football, basketball, hockey, and rugby, just to name a few
  • Custom Nightguards protect the teeth from being damaged by bruxism, or regular teeth grinding. Patients who regularly wake up with sore jaws from clenching and grinding their teeth at night can benefit from using a nightguard that will keep the teeth from damaging each other while they are asleep.

How long does it take to get a custom mouthguard?

Once it’s determined that a custom athletic mouthguard or nightguard is the best treatment option for you, impressions of your teeth will need to be taken to ensure that your new mouthguard will fit perfectly. After that, it takes approximately two weeks for the mouthguard to be created, modified, and sent back to our office. At your follow-up appointment, we will have you try your new mouthguard on to ensure that it fits properly and make any adjustments to it if necessary. Then, you’re free to take it home and begin using it!

Why should I get a custom mouthguard?

You can purchase mouthguards online and in stores, but there are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a custom mouthguard. For starters, they are custom made to fit your teeth, so they should feel comfortable. Uncomfortable, ill-fitting mouthguards don’t get worn as frequently, which leaves the teeth unprotected. Our custom mouthguards are also made with high-quality, durable materials, and they are designed to last for many years. With custom mouthguards, you also have a team of dental professionals at your disposal to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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