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Comprehensive Dental Exams in Temple Terrace, FL

Routine dental cleanings and exams are among the most frequently scheduled dental appointments, as every patient can benefit from having their teeth cleaned and examined on a biannual basis. If you’re looking to schedule a dental exam and teeth cleaning in Temple Terrace, FL, contact our team at Henson Family Dental today so we can find a convenient time for you to come and see us!

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What are the benefits of a professional teeth cleaning?

During routine cleanings, our hygienists gently scrape away plaque and tartar that has been building up around the gum line, in between your teeth, and other hard to reach areas, to reduce your risk for developing gum disease and tooth decay. Then, they expertly brush and floss your teeth with special dental tools and techniques to ensure that your teeth are squeaky clean and good to go for another six months!

What are the benefits scheduling routine dental exams?

Letting our team of dental professionals examine your teeth, gums, and jaw at routine dental appointments helps us diagnose and treat any issues that may have arisen since your last check-up. It also allows our team to check dental restorations, dental sealants, and anything else that may need to be replaced at some point. If we diagnose and treat a problem early, it helps prevent the issue from becoming worse and requiring more advanced, invasive procedures.

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How often should I schedule routine cleanings and exams?

We recommend patients visit our office at least twice per year for routine dental cleanings and exams, even if they take excellent care of their teeth and gums at home. For patients who have periodontal disease or other advanced dental issues, we may recommend that you schedule three or four visits per year. After your first exam with us, we can get a better idea of your unique dental needs and help you determine how often you should come in for exams.

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